Tiger's Eye Buddha

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The same way seeing someone else yawn is contagious, seeing a smile and a jolly attitude is infectious. This powerful Tiger’s Eye Buddha figurine combines Tiger’s Eye “take action” and abundance energies with a seated smiling Buddha’s symbolism of contentment, abundance, and overall well-being. Laughing Buddhas are said to attract good luck, contentment and abundance in your life. His round jolly belly depicts the plenitude of whatever you’re wishing for. Happy/smiling/laughing Buddhas are considered cheerful embodiments of happiness and prosperity. It’s also extremely auspicious when it comes to all things wealth, so place your Tiger’s Eye Buddha figurine in the southeast sector of your home, known in Feng Shui to attract money. Due to the nature of these Tiger’s Eye Buddha figurines, they will all differ slightly in color, shape, size and pattern.

Tiger’s Eye crystal represents the energy of power, strength, and bravery required to face challenges head-on. In the shape of a seated laughing Buddha, this stone combines stimulating energies and the high frequencies of happiness, joy, and abundance to boost your confidence and sense of prosperity.

Working with your Tiger’s Eye Buddha figurine can help you overcome obstacles and embrace, rather than shy away from, challenging situations. Tiger’s Eye holds the energy of bravery and courage that enables you to face uncertainty and move through fear. You may not always know the outcome of every situation, and you may find yourself afraid at one time or another. But with the help of your Tiger’s Eye Buddha, you can navigate these difficulties from a place of courage.

Whatever your goals in life, big wins often require big risks. Keep your Tiger’s Eye Buddha close to support you through life’s greatest challenges as a token of the power you have within to accomplish your goals.

Confidence is the key to success in many areas of life, but sometimes it can be difficult to enter an unfamiliar situation with confidence. Meditating with your Tiger's Eye Buddha figurine will guide your spirit to recall the many positive attributes you can use toward your success. It also helps you to see how even your faults have taught you lessons that you can benefit from. The yin-and-yang harmony that tiger's eye healing properties bestow in the mind and spirit lend calm comfort to even the most unfamiliar situations.

Place your Tiger’s Eye Buddha figurine on your altar, desk at work, or anywhere else you need a dose of cheerful good luck and a burst of prosperity.

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