Pyrite Cluster
Pyrite Cluster
Pyrite Cluster

Pyrite Cluster

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Measures approx. 2.75" - 4" tall • Weighs approx. 0.5 lb - 1 lb
Measures approx. 3" - 4" tall • Weighs approx. 1 lb - 2 lbs
Measures approx. 2" - 3" • Weighs approx. 8.733 ounces
Measures 5.5" tall • Weighs 3 lbs
Give yourself the prosperity full package when you work with the Tucson Find Pyrite Cluster! Bring Jupiter’s influence into your intention when you add this piece into your home: it will help you find the focus, motivation, and tenacity when it comes to achieving your career goals and creative projects. The golden shimmer of this next-level, extremely cubic Pyrite Cluster helps you prosper in all areas of your life, but especially your finances. It boosts your confidence and inner power to help you achieve your goals and become a money magnet. By clearing away any limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behavior, this Tucson Gem Show Pyrite Cluster is the ideal stone to open yourself up to receive abundance in all its forms.

These stunning Tucson Find Pyrite clusters' gold glittery shine is a constant reminder that gold is already within you, and that you can shift your money mindset. Pyrite has a glittering energy that gets its name from the Greek word “pyr” which means fire. Beyond the as-if-lit-from-within glitter and glow of the stone, your Pyrite Cluster has a strong connection to fire energy, Sun energy, masculine yang energy, and endless abundance. Activating its user’s solar plexus, Pyrite is a wonderful abundance stone, encouraging wealth, success in all forms, and prosperity. And in its especially cubic form, this Pyrite Cluster is an even stronger magnet for wealth. Pyrite also helps release negative energy and fears, especially fears that may be blocking you from achieving success, however you define it. Besides releasing negativity, Pyrite also creates a protective shield, protecting you when you venture out of your comfort zone and go after new opportunities.

Pyrite is pure yang (masculine) energy, harnessing the energy of the Sun. It increases your stamina and strength, making it easier for you to reach your goals. It strikes a fire in your heart so that your willpower and well-being are boosted and you can take action to live the full abundant life that you’re meant for.

If you’re drawn to this breathtaking Tucson Find Pyrite Crystal Cluster, your spirit is vibrating on the frequency of abundance, prosperity, and success. Connect with the energy of Pyrite when you need a little encouragement, positivity and uplifting, especially when it comes to your career or passion. This stone will help you adopt a mindset of living in abundance, which will in turn bring more opportunities and positivity your way in all areas of your life.


Place your glittering Tucson Find Pyrite Cluster in the wealth corner, of your home (called Xun in Chinese) — this is the area of the feng shui bagua map that is connected to abundance, prosperity, and self-worth. To find yours, stand in your front door and look into your space. The wealth corner is located in the far left corner of your living room or office when you’re standing at your front door looking in.

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