Closeup view of Snowflake Obsidian Tower Crystal Point by Energy Muse.
View of both Snowflake Obsidian and Black Obsidian freeform by Energy Muse

Snowflake Obsidian Point

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We were so excited when we found these Snowflake Obsidian Points at the Tucson Gem Show! This is a stunning crystal that brings powerful purifying, grounding and balancing energies into your life and any living space you place it in. Stunning to look at and soothing to the spirit, this crystal is like being able to hold a piece of snowy winter night sky! Watching the snow fall, gently and silently, lets us feel a deep sense of connection and reverence to nature and our place in it all. Use Snowflake Obsidian to reconnect to a sense of peace & personal understanding of our own patterns and behaviors.
Measures approx. 2" - 3" tall • Weighs approx. 2.617 ounces

Just as this Obsidian Point is able to maintain balance, so can you when you tap into Obsidian energy. The grounding energy of Obsidian comes from its negativity cleansing properties. By helping you to release all the negative energy stored in your spirit, Obsidian allows you to reflect on situations from a positive point of view. This increased awareness will bring harmony into spirit and life.

Having an Obsidian Point on your desk at work will keep stress or negative coworkers from dampen your spirit in the office. You can also use this in your home to bring grounding to your space. An Obsidian Point in the home encourages heightened awareness between everyone in the space, and reduces any negative energy. This leads to a more harmonies household.

When you are drawn to an Obsidian Point, your spirit is probably looking to establish a stable, foundational energy. Since Obsidian is known for bringing awareness and dispelling feelings of negativity, it could mean that your spirit is ready to embrace new levels of understanding and positivity.

Place your Snowflake Obsidian by the entrance of your home, your bedroom, or the bedroom of your loved one for turbocharged protection.

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