Titanium Aura Amethyst Core
Titanium Aura Amethyst Core
Titanium Aura Amethyst Core

Titanium Aura Amethyst Core

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The new Aura Amethyst Core Crystal is a beautiful way to infuse your aura with twinkling light! The top of each Aura Amethyst Core Crystal features raw clusters with an Aura shine. This is created by electroplating the crystal with platinum, resulting in a sparkly effect that uplifts the spirit with joy and optimism.

Measures approx. 2" – 3" • Weighs approx. 4.938 ounces

Country of Origin: Brazil

Amethyst is already a beautifully evocative crystal: its many vibrant shades of lilac, lavender, violet and every hue in between already make for a whimsical energy vibration. It’s no coincidence that lavender oil is used for calming the mind and inducing sleep! It wants to help you really relax and let your mind melt into a soothed state. But what exactly is an Aura Amethyst Core Crystal? It is simply a cut out from a larger Amethyst crystal cluster and that has been treated with a special coating process. This process may involve gold, iridium, silver and/or platinum. The result is a sparkly, iridescent holographic effect that coats the entire stone. With this now even more magical look, Aura Amethyst’s energy wants to imbue your life with magic and wonder, effectively banishing any tension and worry.

Aura Amethyst is a powerful unicorn of a stone: it teams up the soothing and stress-relieving qualities of Amethyst with the peaceful and effervescent quality of Angel Aura. Because of this, Aura Amethyst is an extremely emotionally soothing stone. It radiates an enlightened, serene energy. Aura Amethyst is connected to your Third Eye: this means it activates your power of intuition and imbues your mind with peaceful mental and emotional energy. Angel Aura Amethyst’s nurturing and inspiring fairy godmother vibrations inspire joy, hope and optimism in your life, while encouraging peaceful meditation.

Amethyst has been used, and prized for, its potent panic-soothing energies for centuries to help dissolve and discard worry, stress, feelings of inquietude. Combining the energy amplification of aura treatments with Amethyst’s ability to reduce disturbed feelings produces an even more powerful soothing and calming effect.


Display your Aura Amethyst Core Cluster anywhere you could use an extra dose of sparkle: perhaps your desk, bedside table, or altar.

Work with the violet flame/purple light of your Amethyst by waving a Core Crystal up and down the length of your spine. This brilliant healing light will purify, cleanse, and transmute heavy energy, breaking up tightness and density. Now that your auric field is no longer constricted, light, oxygen and high vibrations can come in.

You can also work with 2 core crystals in a short breathing exercise! Hold a core crystal in each hand and focus on deep breathing for at least 3 minutes. Visualize any tight, heavy energy dissolving & your auric field filing with dazzling light.

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