Verde Tlaxcala Raw Green Onyx
Verde Tlaxcala Raw Green Onyx

Verde Tlaxcala Raw Green Onyx

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Measures approx. 1" - 2"
Measures approx. 2" - 3"
Like forest bathing, being out in nature in any form (be it forest, desert, beach - even walking barefoot at the park) is ALWAYS healing. You rarely come out of nature in the same mental emotional state as you went in. Mother Nature helps take the pain from you: it offloads it from your shoulders and unburdens your soul. In this way, your Verde Tlaxcala Rough Green Onyx stone helps you get the 3 levels of healing you’d get in nature if you aren’t always able to get out there: the replenishing green energy, the pain-dissolving black energy and the clarifying white energy. Each Verde Tlaxcala Rough Green Onyx Stone is unique and will differ slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

Verde Tlaxcala is a kind of green onyx extracted in Mexico (in the small state of Tlaxcala, east of Mexico City).

Like all Green Onyx varieties, this special stone imbues its user with Onyx’s properties of strength and willpower, combined with Green Onyx’s power to open, activate, and heal all matters of the heart.

Your Verde Tlaxcala Rough Green Onyx stone helps you get the 3 levels of healing you’d get in nature if you aren’t always able to get out there:

• Green: symbolizes vitality, growth, rejuvenation, replenishment, emotional healing of the heart chakra

• Black: pain absorber, helping whatever is weighing you down emotionally dissipate and subside.

• White: provides an extra layer of emotional clarity. By helping to clear out whatever has you upset, it allows you to let go of any hurt and emotional baggage that may be slowing down your healing.

Because this type of Green Onyx is so powerfully connected with nature, it makes the perfect crystal healing tool for those of us who live in more urban, metropolitan areas or simply don’t have the luxury of regular physical contact with nature.

Use this powerful crystal and bring the incredible healing power of the outdoors to your indoors.

And because it’s green, your rough green onyx connects powerfully with the heart chakra, helping to heal any issues relating to love, self-love, self-esteem, and more. Holding a rough green onyx crystal will help you prevent your thoughts and emotions from only pursuing possible negative outcomes, and instead focusing on bringing calm and serenity into the current moment.

Hold a piece in your dominant hand. Roll it around so that you feel both the smooth and rough surfaces. Look at the colors and observe how differently each color and surface catches the light as you move it around. Holding your crystal still and with eyes closed, visualize the color green infusing every single cell in your body, every body part, every organ with a revitalizing lifeforce - a light green energy circulating within your body. Visualize thick brown roots anchoring you to the energy of the Earth. Visualize white beams of light coming up from the crown of your head and connecting you to the stars in the sky. As you completely connect to Nature, you feel its pure form of healing frequency. Know that in this space you are nourished, vitalized, stable and clear. While in this nurturing space, visualize something you want, see it happening, see yourself experiencing it - know that it is already manifested. You are the creator.

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