White Sage Incense Sticks

White Sage Incense Sticks

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A White Sage Incense Stick is the ultimate cleansing and clearing tool for your home. By purifying and eliminating negative energy, White Sage leaves your space free from unwanted or low vibrational energy so it can vibrate at the highest frequency. Burn your White Sage Herb Incense Stick to release the energies that do not serve you from your environment and your life. *Comes with 6 incense sticks

Burn a White Sage Incense Stick in your home whenever the energy feels dense or heavy. The powerful cleansing and clearing properties of White Sage allow you to remove the low vibrational energy from your environment, leaving your home free from the emotions and energies that do not serve your best interest.

This is an especially powerful healing tool to use after an argument, illness, or difficult times when your home needs to hit the reset button. The burning sage carries away these stagnant or residual energies so your space can return to a positive, welcoming, comfortable state.

Burn your White Sage Incense Stick to cleanse and clear the energy of your space. Make sure to always keep a window open when burning sage so that everything that needs to be energetically released has a way to leave the space.

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