White Salt Moon Lamp

White Salt Moon Lamp

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Breathe in purified air and relaxed state of mind and breathe out stress with this White Himalayan Salt Moon lamp! It imbues your space with a refreshed energy that can help cultivate a sense of calm, harmony, and mindfulness. This white salt lamp features a hand-shaped crescent moon shape and a joyful color-changing LED light inside, making it perfect for use as a gentle nightlight or to display in your bedroom, massage studio or home office.

Combining the purifying properties of 100% authentic Himalayan white salt and the uplifting energy of light, these lamps produce a mindful mood and are an ideal addition to your meditation and moon ritual practices. Because it combines the natural purification properties of white salt with the illuminating brightness of its light, we recommend this piece as an easy to cleanse the energy of your home, especially if it is just not feasible for some people to open their spaces' windows to let light and air in. A white Himalayan salt lamp is a great substitution because of its natural purifying properties (it is often recommended for use by those who suffer from breathing difficulties) and the fun, color-changing light that brings a joyful radiance to your space. So even if you don't get any outside light in your space, this lamp allows light to pass through nature, represented by the Himalayan white salt, before it illuminates your space.

A hand-carved Himalayan white salt lamp in the bedroom or living room will infuse the space with both vibrant joy and serene peace. As white Himalayan salt is the purest form available, it naturally has a highly reflective, radiant quality that casts off white light when hit by the sun. These Himalayan white salt lamps ensure that even when the sun is down, you can enjoy the joyfully dancing changing light of this crystal lamp. When looking to relieve stress, meditate by the light of your moon-shaped white salt lamp. Set the right atmosphere by turning off your harsh overhead lights, and letting the gentle, cleansing energy of this white salt lamp illuminate your spirit as well as your space.

The purifying, uplifting, and relaxing energy of white Himalayan salt lamps are perfectly suited for when you want to relax but need to cleanse your energy first. This white salt moon lamp will both purify and uplift your spirit, so that you can recharge and become a more joyful version of yourself.

Place this white salt moon lamp in a central location in your space so it can constantly clear, purify, and bring in light. We like to have ours in the home office, living room, bedroom and ritual spaces, but you can really place yours anywhere!

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