Yellow Fluorite Point
Yellow Fluorite Point

Yellow Fluorite Point

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Measures approx. 2" - 3" tall • Weighs approx. 1.775 ounces
Measures approx. 3" - 4" tall • Weighs approx. 3.225 ounces
The rarest of all colors of Fluorite, Yellow Fluorite from the Tucson Gem Show holds the energy of abundance and prosperity. This crystal boosts your manifesting power, helping you bring your goals to life. Yellow Fluorite is especially powerful for achieving financial success or abundance.

Because of its manifestation properties, Yellow Fluorite is a must-have crystal for wealth, prosperity, and abundance. It increases your personal power and stimulates your ability to bring your intention to life.

Whether you want to reach new heights in your professional career or enhance your prosperity in another area of your life, Yellow Fluorite is the ideal crystal to help you manifest your intention. In the shape of a point, this crystal directs your intention upward into the universe to support your goals for manifestation. 

Write down a goal or intention related to abundance or prosperity and place your Yellow Fluorite Point on top of the paper to help you achieve that goal or intention.

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