UV Reactive Yooperlite Bracelet
UV Reactive Yooperlite Bracelet
UV Reactive Yooperlite Bracelet
UV Reactive Yooperlite Bracelet

UV Reactive Yooperlite Bracelet

Personal Power • Courage • Rebirth
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We're so excited to bring you a wearable Yooperlite offering for the first time! Our new UV Reactive Yooperlite Bracelet is an exquisite marvel that captures the essence of the forthcoming Year of the Wood Dragon in 2024. Radiating vibrant hues under UV light, this glowing and fiery crystal bracelet offers a mesmerizing display that perfectly resonates with the energy of this auspicious year.

In the Year of the Wood Dragon, seize the opportunity to align your energies with celestial forces and embrace transformation with the UV Reactive Yooperlite Bracelet. Illuminate your life with its ethereal glow and invite the auspicious energies of renewal and prosperity into your journey.

UV-reactive 8.5mm beads • Medium size (Usually fits most women and men with smaller wrists (wrist measurement of approximately 6.25" to 7")

Crafted from genuine Yooperlite, a rare mineral discovered in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, this crystal bracelet embodies profound qualities, making it an ideal companion for those seeking renewal, growth, and harmony in the Year of the Wood Dragon.

Why you need to wear UV Reactive Yooperlite as the Year of the Dragon begins

1. UV Reactive Splendor: Illuminate your space with a dazzling display of fluorescent radiance as this Yooperlite Bracelet glows vividly under UV light. Experience an otherworldly spectacle that ignites positivity and vitality.

2. Harmonizing Energy: Harness the elemental forces of the Wood Dragon year with the crystal's inherent ability to foster balance, growth, and adaptation. Embrace the dragon year's auspicious energy for transformation and success.

3. Spiritual Alignment: Facilitate spiritual alignment and inner clarity as Yooperlite  encourages introspection, intuition, and connection with the universe. Its serene energy promotes a sense of tranquility and purpose.

4. Unique and Captivating: Each Yooperlite Bracelet is one-of-a-kind, showcasing intricate patterns and luminous colors that evoke a sense of wonder and fascination. Its distinctive allure makes it a captivating addition to any collection.

5. Symbol of Renewal: Embody the essence of the Wood Dragon, a symbol of renewal, growth, and adaptability. Let this crystal serve as a beacon of hope and empowerment as you embark on new endeavors and embrace positive changes.

Place your bracelet on your right or left wrist - whichever feels better for you. Say your intention out loud 3 times: I can see my inner fire now. I tap into my fiery personal power whenever I need to and ignite my intentions.

Throughout the day, every time you catch a glimpse of your crystals on your wrist, bring your intention to mind.

Before you go to sleep, take your bracelet off and place it on top of a Selenite crystal to cleanse.

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