Aventurine Jewelry and Crystals

Aventurine Jewelry & Stones

Green Aventurine Worry Stone
Abundance • Good Luck • Wealth
$ 7.88
Road Opener Bundle
Clearing • Opportunities • Positivity
$ 14.88
Wealth Charm
Prosperity • Abundance • Affluence
$ 24.88
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Green Aventurine Pyramid
Good Luck • Abundance • Prosperity
$ 18.88
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Wealth Stones
Inviting Prosperity • Growing Wealth • Abundance
$ 34.88
Actualizing Abundance PDF Guide
$ 19.88
Money Magnet Bracelets - Energy Muse
Money Magnet Bracelets
Wealth • Prosperity • Abundance
from $ 59.88
$ 24.99
Green Aventurine Mini Mushroom
Good Luck • Wealth • Opportunity
$ 5.88
Pink Aventurine Crystal Bracelet
Light • Love • Calming
from $ 24.88
Crystal Pendulum
Intuition • Guidance • Trust
$ 9.88
Aventurine Stone
$ 5.88
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Clover Car Energy Purifier
Good Luck • Wealth • Love
$ 9.88
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Aventurine Clover Crystal
Unlimited Abundance • Good Luck • Wealth
$ 19.88
Expect the Best Bracelet Bundle
Optimism • Good Luck • Best Outcomes
Regular price $ 60.00 Sale price$ 49.95

Known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” Aventurine is one of the most powerful gemstones for good luck, wealth and to manifest greater prosperity.

When you walk through a casino, you often will see many gamblers wearing green aventurine jewelry to increase their chances of winning. Aventurine jewelry or crystals can help in situations where your actions or outcome is out of your control, making it the perfect gemstone to wear while gambling, betting or even on a first date. An aventurine bracelet, such as our Money Magnet Bracelets, is one of the luckiest gemstone pieces you can wear and is thought to boost your chances in any situation.

Aventurine is a stone of optimism and carries a zest for life. It helps you to move forward with confidence in new situations, especially when it comes to circumstances like changes in your job, school or relationships. When you are going through large changes in your life, wearing one of our aventurine bracelets can help you feel more grounded during this time of change. Aventurine helps you to connect to the Earth, having a gentle grounding effect on your body.

Aventurine jewelry can also encourage you to move your focus out of your head and into your heart, so that you can live your life to the fullest potential. This gemstone supports the heart and is connected to the heart chakra, stimulating the flow of life energy. Aventurine helps to cleanse and reinforce your emotions and heart chakra, helping you to become more present in your experiences. Aventurine stone jewelry can help you become more willing to heal so that you can move forward with your life.

Wearing an aventurine stone bracelet can help infuse hope, optimism and joy into your everyday life. It will help you to remain heart-centered, so that you know in your heart that you are making the best choices for YOU. It can help you navigate through difficult emotional experiences, leading you to a place where you can embrace change, growth and renewal. Shop our selection of handcrafted Aventurine Jewelry and crystals to find the piece that is just right for you!