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Chrysoprase Stone - Tumbled Stones - Energy Muse
Chrysoprase Stone
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Chrysoprase Touchstone - Chrysoprase Palm Stones
Chrysoprase Touchstone - Chrysoprase Palm Stones
Chrysoprase Touchstone
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EM Birthday Bundle
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Love Magnet Box
Get 6 Love Stones FREE ($45 Value)
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A-Grade Chrysoprase Bracelet
Mother Nature • Abundance • Grounding
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Chrysoprase Convertible Bracelet-Necklace
Connection • Heart Opening • Positivity
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Welcome to Energy Muse, where you'll find the perfect energy tools to fit your needs. Whatever your spiritual goals and intentions, we have thoughtfully curated an extensive product line, making it easy to find the perfect items, including the Chrysophrase stone, which is known for its ability to open the heart and deepen connections. Shop for Chrysoprase today and connect with the healing power of love.


One of the best energy tools for opening the heart chakra is a Chrysoprase stone, a tumbled piece about the size of a quarter. Whether you wear Chrysoprase jewelry or incorporate a Chrysoprase stone into your everyday wellness routine, it helps facilitate a flow of healing energy to the heart.

The Chrysoprase gemstone is the perfect stone for helping attract new love and abundance into your life. When using this heart chakra stone, the first step is to cleanse and activate its properties with the purifying smoke of sage, Palo Santo, or Frankincense resin. Once it is cleansed and activated, program it with an intention for creating love and connection in your heart. Carry a small stone with you to access its energy throughout the day or use it to enhance a therapeutic session such as meditation and yoga.

For more ideas on different practices with Chrysoprase healing crystals and other combinations, our CRYSTAL365 book includes 52 crystals to help you 365 days of the year. With our comprehensive guide, learn how to use crystals for health, wealth, and balance.


Chrysoprase Crystal

If you're looking for support as you embark on new beginnings, our Destiny Bracelet has been specially designed with synergistic crystal combinations that provide guidance and clarity. Made with Moonstone, Prehnite, and Chrysoprase, the cleansing and heart-enriching energy of this bracelet will help you trust in yourself and embrace your destiny. For the best results, program your bracelet with a healing intention. Now, every time you glance at your wrist, it will be a reminder of your intention, allowing the positive energy to stay with you throughout the day.

For a triple dose of love, happiness, and harmony, our Love Bracelet set comes with three bracelet combinations. Wear this trio of bracelets as a stylish accessory while also maximizing the effects of their enhanced healing energy. The Clear Quartz bracelet amplifies the loving energy of Rose Quartz and other powerful yet gentle heart chakra stones.

Place your bracelets on your left wrist to access the loving and cleansing energy of this special crystal combination. Then, say your intention out loud three times, an effective way to boost feelings of love and happiness for the rest of your day. Also, use your bracelet as a reminder of your intention every time you notice it on your wrist.

When you include Chrysoprase in your crystal collection, it will enhance and support other heart chakra stones in healing layouts and combinations. Shop our product line today and find everything you need for bringing love and happiness into your life.