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Chrysoprase Stone

Chrysoprase Stone

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3/4” to 1" • About the size of a quarter
A Chrysoprase Tumbled Stone encourages joy, optimism and happiness. It opens and activates your heart chakra to allow for a strong flow of healing energy to the heart. It helps to attract new love and abundance on all levels. All the Chrysoprase stones will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

A Chrysoprase Stone promotes optimism, joy and happiness. It is a wonderful crystal for anyone that needs a lift and wants to become more positive. It is a variety of Chalcedony, and is one of the more valuable and rare types. It is said to be the favorite healing gemstone of Alexander the Great.

The chrysoprase meaning brings divine truth and encourages a more positive outlook towards life. Connected with the heart chakra, these healing stones carry wonderful love energy and are powerful for attracting new love. It opens and activates the heart chakra to allow for a stronger flow of healing energy through the heart. It connects you with universal love, encouraging you to live from the heart.

The chrysoprase healing properties help with healing the heart of sorrow, panic and tension. Another chrysoprase meaning brings hope into dire situations, helping to break any negative cycles. When meditating with Chrysoprase, it facilitates inner growth and helps you to feel loved and supported.

Carry your Chrysoprase stone in your bra, pocket or purse to carry its energy with you throughout the day.

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