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Rhodonite Touchstone

Rhodonite Touchstone

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About 1.5” to 2”
The more we mature, the more we come to recognize that loving often means forgiving. As difficult as it may be to forgive others, or even yourself, it's a necessary aspect of maintaining loving relationships. Make the act of forgiveness an easier task by reflecting with the energy of these Rhodonite Touchstones.

Rhodonite healing properties focus on blessing the heart chakra with the wisdom to see the bigger picture and understand a person's intent. Rather than allowing a red hot temper to dictate your relationships, get in-sync with the rosy vibrations of Rhodonite. Named after the Greek word for rosy, Rhodonite certainly has a way of bringing our mind to understand a rose-tinted perspective. It encourages the spirit to disassociate with the selfish tendencies that lead to misunderstandings, and instead embrace the compassionate energy needed for compromise.

Hold onto your Rhodonite touchstones in mindful meditation. Allow yourself this time to reflect on situations, as well as the emotions you've been holding onto. If you feel that these emotions are holding you back from making personal progress, then it's time to release that toxic negativity. Forgiving has a powerful impact on those who bestow it, just as much as it has on those who receive it.

As the Rhodonite meaning connects with the heart chakra, it spurs you on with the motivating energy you need to take the difficult actions toward compromise and redemption. Every time you feel your mind focusing on the negative, and sliding backward into bitterness, realign your spirit with the energy of love by grasping onto your Rhodonite touchstone.

Being drawn to a Rhodonite touchstone may mean that you are ready to find forgiveness for yourself and others. Your spirit is ready to let go of that toxic energy of anger, resentment or blame. Instead, connect with the loving energy of a Rhodonite touchstone to leave it behind and move forward with forgiveness.

Meditate with a Rhodonite touchstone in each hand to invite in the energy of forgiveness.

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