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Rose Quartz Touchstone

Rose Quartz Touchstone

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About 1.5” to 2”
It’s such a powerful love magnet, the Rose Quartz Touchstone may as well be a love machine! It’s all about attracting love, strengthening the love you already have, expressing love, and approaching the world from a place of pure love. Rose Quartz elevates your energy so that you approach your life from a place of love: how you talk, how you engage in the world, how you treat others, and how you see the beauty around you. Once you emit this pure love, you attract it back to you!

Connect with a Rose Quartz Touchstone to approach all situations with love. The gentle, nurturing energy of a Rose Quartz Touchstone can be almost therapeutic for the spirit. It broadens your understanding, so that you learn to love rather than judge. If you tend to let mistakes or inner judgements weigh on your spirit, use this Rose Quartz stone to release that energy and replace it with love.

It's easy to allow the difficulties in life to shift our perspective toward negativity. That's why it's important to check in with the energy of Rose Quartz, and remember to see things from the angle of love and understanding. When you sit and reflect with a Rose Quartz Touchstone in your hand, you expand your heart to give and receive love - even when you're hurt. This deepens your compassion for others as well as for yourself.

When you're drawn to a Rose Quartz Touchstone, you're ready to let loving energy fill your heart. Our spirit calls out for Rose Quartz energy when we need to invest in more self-care, compassion, understanding or love for life.

Whenever you're feeling emotionally burnt out or like you just need to fill yourself up with love, grab hold of your Rose Quartz Touchstone. You can also use your Rose Quartz Touchstone in meditation to enhance your perspective with the energy of love.

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