Tiger's Eye Touchstone

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When fear enters our decision making process, our choices get skewed. To see the path ahead clearly, improve your foresight with a Tiger's Eye Touchstone. Tiger's eye healing properties protect us from seeing the worst in ourselves. Instead, tiger's eye healing energy blesses the third eye with confidence, courage, strength and harmony, so that our perspective isn't tainted by self-doubt or insecurities. With a tiger's eye touchstone in your hand, you can work to maintain a healthy outlook and powerful spirit.

Confidence is the key to success in many areas of life, but sometimes it can be difficult to enter an unfamiliar situation with confidence. Meditating with tiger's eye touchstone will guide your spirit to recall the many positive attributes you can use toward your success. It also helps you to see how even your faults have taught you lessons that you can benefit from. The yin-and-yang harmony that tiger's eye healing properties bestow in the mind and spirit lend calm comfort to even the most unfamiliar situations.

It's this courage and confidence that make tiger's eye healing energy the one to turn to when you need to make a tough business decision. If you're prone to over criticizing past mistakes, holding a tiger's eye touchstone close during an important business meeting can give you a constant reassurance that you are not your mistakes. The revitalizing power that tiger's eye fills you with can be the push you needed to conquer your goals and challenges.

Use the motivation that tiger's eye healing properties bring you, to restore balance in your life. If you've allowed one area of your life to suffer while trying to pursue success in another area, the power of tiger's eye can help to stimulate enough energy to recalibrate your priorities. Continuing to work with tiger's eye will assist you in maintaining a healthy focus on all aspects of your life.

The spirit reaches out for a tiger's eye touchstone when it feels its willpower waning, and it wants a boost of driven energy to push it in the right direction. Connecting with tiger's eye energy keeps you from giving into your doubts, or allowing yourself to let past mistakes influence your future. When you want the determination to pursue your dreams and the conviction to see them true, your spirit turns to tiger's eye.

Meditate with your Tiger's Eye touchstone to enhance your courage and willpower. Carry this touchstone in your purse or pocket so that you can connect with it when you need a boost of power.

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