Flower of Life Brass Bowl
Flower of Life Brass Bowl

Flower of Life Brass Bowl

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A Flower of Life Brass Bowl is an energetically powerful, aesthetically beautiful, and functional way to store your crystals. While the brass helps to cleanse and activate the stones, the Flower of Life design amplifies the energy of the crystals with its sacred geometric design. The bowl also holds the stones to keep your crystals organized and your space clutter-free while still allowing you to make your crystals a central feature of your environment.

The Flower of Life symbol is a sacred geometric design that represents unity, enlightenment, and has deep spiritual significance. This bowl is made with the Flower of Life pattern, which adds both aesthetic appeal and energetic meaning to the functionality of this bowl. It is a way to both store and enhance the power of your crystals and intentions.

Placing your crystals in this Flower of Life Brass Bowl will ensure that they are ready for you whenever you need them. Even when you are not actively using them, the bowl amplifies the energy of the stones and purifies any unwanted, negative energy. The brass is a powerful metal known for its spiritual purification and high vibrations, which helps to boost the power of your crystals.

As an added bonus, the Flower of Life Brass Bowl allows you to keep your crystals organized and tidy, while still having the ability to interact with and look at your stones daily. Rather than storing them away in a drawer or box where you will soon forget about them, your Flower of Life brass bowl gives you a place to keep them where you will see them each day.

Place your Flower of Life Brass Bowl in your bedroom, living room, office, or any other area and pace your crystals inside of the bowl. You can also write your intentions down on a piece of paper and place the crystals on top of the paper inside of the bowl.

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