Pyrite Buddha
Pyrite Buddha

Pyrite Buddha

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Sitting Buddha • About 2.5" tall
Standing Buddha • About 2.5" tall
This Pyrite Buddha Statue stands for wealth and abundance. Made of Pyrite crystal, this Buddha statue is shown carrying a bag over the shoulder which represents abundance and luck or sitting peacefully with his joyful smile. Work with this Pyrite Buddha Statue to attract wealth and prosperity in all areas of your life.

A Pyrite Buddha Statue is an auspicious crystal statue to have in your home or office. It combines the significance of a Buddha carrying a bag over the shoulder, meant to represent prosperity and abundance, and the Pyrite meaning. Together, these energies form a powerful crystal ally to attract wealth, success and prosperity in your finances and career.

Place a Pyrite Buddha Statue on your desk, workspace, or in your home to call in abundance and prosperity.

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