Selenite Cleansing Crystal
Selenite Cleansing Crystal - Energy Muse
Selenite Cleansing Crystal

Selenite Cleansing Crystal

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A Selenite Crystal Wand is a versatile tool used for energy cleansing, meditation, healing and more. Referred to as “liquid light,” a Selenite cleansing crystal has the ability to unblock stagnant energy and promote a smooth flow throughout your body. It dispels all negativity from your system, bringing calming energies, mental clarity and deep peace. These wands are an energy tool that everyone needs in their home! Selenite also helps dispel unwanted spirit energy from your home. Hold one in each hand for meditation, or use one to clear your aura on a daily basis — the possibilities are endless. Wondering how to cleanse Selenite? How to charge Selenite? Not to worry: its own cleansing and charging power keeps it from needing any cleaning at all!

Crystal cleansing Selenite is especially suited to wand shapes because of the way it naturally forms into long columns. This polished Selenite crystal wand is smooth, removing ridges to the touch, but allowing for the striations to still be visible and catch light within the stone. Wands highlight the luminous essence of the Selenite cleansing crystal, which is often used as part of energy healing and light work. The Selenite properties embody the essence of light, bringing a purifying luminescence into the auric field.

One of our favorite uses for the Selenite crystal is energy clearing and cleansing. Selenite crystals have the ability to quickly unblock any stagnant, stuck energy and promote a positive, healthy flow throughout the chakras. It evokes protective energy from the angelic realm to clear and shield your mind, body and spirit; bringing calming energies, deep peace and mental clarity into your life.

Use this simple energy clearing technique each night before you go to sleep to clear and cleanse your aura: Hold your cleansing crystals with Selenite in one hand over the top of your head and "comb" the healing wand all the way down your entire body. Repeat this all around your body until you feel a shift in energy. Watch Heather demonstrate this technique in our Selenite healing video!

Placing a Selenite cleansing crystal along the spine will also aid in aligning the chakras. Typically associated with the Crown chakra, it supports you in establishing a purity of mind, helping break down negativity and walls to reveal truths that one may be shielding from themselves. This amplification stone can also be used with other stones to boost the effectiveness of their metaphysical properties. To meditate with a Selenite wand, hold one in each hand and allow the energy to guide you through your inner space, illuminating the darkness, relieving stress, and raising awareness.

The Selenite wand purifies and uplifts the spirit, making it perfect for the end of a long day when you want to wash off the energy of exhaustion and recharge. It's also a stone that you might seek out when you've gone through a difficult period and you need to flush out that negative or stagnant energy with the white light of Selenite. Whatever negative energy you want to let go of, Selenite is the stone to help you break through darkness and enhance positivity.

For meditation: hold a Selenite Crystal Wand in each hand, and feel the clearing, light energy surge through your body. You can also use them for savasana in your yoga practice.

To clear your aura and energy field: Hold your selenite wand in one hand over the top of your head and "comb" your crystal all the way down your entire body. Repeat this all around your body until you feel the shift in energy.

How to charge crystals with Selenite:

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