Shungite Plate
Shungite Plate
Shungite Plate
Shungite Plate to Reduce EMFs - Energy Muse

Shungite Plate

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5" x 3.5" x 0.25"
Think of all the pings and dings and push notifications you receive every single day — it's never been more important to create a barrier between electronic noise and yourself! A must-have energy cleansing tool for the tech-obsessed is the Shungite Plate from Energy Muse, one of the strongest crystals in the mineral kingdom to block the harmful effects of EMFs. With smartphones, bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, and other portable electronics becoming more ubiquitous in modern life, it’s more important than ever to balance their negative energy with a Shungite Charging Plate, which blocks electromagnetic radiation.

The perfect energy enhancing accessory for your office or creative space, the Shungite Plate from our protection and cleansing collection makes it easy to transform any environment into a sacred, balanced space. Our Shungite Plate also helps you stay organized when charging your devices; that way, your desk or work table never looks messy, but always ready for ideas and projects.

The EMF protection plate from Energy Muse is thoughtfully designed in a sleek rectangle that perfectly fits most hand-held electronics like smartphones and other devices. The dark black color and natural inclusions of these specially designed Shungite tiles give it a beautiful modern look that brings the soothing effects of nature into your home decor.

The Shungite Plate acts as a surface and provides a barrier to separate your electronics from you and your home. By placing your devices on a Shungite Plate, the Shungite stone properties minimize the EMFs emitted by technology to prevent your electronics from having a harmful impact on your energy.

A Shungite Charging Plate works equally when your devices are not in use. Whether you are charging your phone at night, working on your laptop, or storing your tablet when you aren't using it, a Shungite Plate makes the perfect protective surface on which to place your electronics. The Shungite properties neutralize EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, which come from your technology and can have a negative impact on your energy. With Shungite nearby, this harmful energy has less and less of an effect.

Place your cell phone, laptop, tablet, or any other electronic device on top of your Shungite Plate to minimize EMFs.

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