Archangel Michael Candle
Archangel Michael Candle
Archangel Michael Candle

Archangel Michael Candle

Protection • Cutting Cords • Support
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Illuminate your sacred space with our Archangel Michael Candle, infused with divine energy and accompanied by a Blue Kyanite crystal. Archangel Michael, the protector and guardian, stands as a powerful force against negativity and fear. As the candle burns, feel his presence and invoke his assistance for strength, courage, and protection from all harm. The Blue Kyanite crystal, a gem renowned for its calming and clearing properties, enhances your connection with Archangel Michael, amplifying their power to cut negative ties. Light this candle to draw upon his guidance in matters of courage, justice, and inner strength. Then, carry your crystal with you to take Archangel Michael’s protection everywhere you go.

Scent: Ginger

4.5 ounce candle • Measures approx 3” tall x 2.75” diameter • Weighs approx. 11.9 ounces

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Archangel Michael (also known as Mikael) is the leader of the archangels and the army of God. Legend says the blade of Archangel Michael's sword was made of Kyanite. This is why we use Blue Kyanite (and the Black Kyanite meaning) to slice through negative emotions and toxic ties. It is also said to protect you from energy vampires: people who feast on your positive vibrations but offer nothing in return. Use the Blue Kyanite crystal that's included with your candle to trace along the outline of your body while visualizing yourself cutting the energy cords attached to you. After you're finished, protect your energy at all times by charging the crystal by lighting the candle and then carrying the stone with you everywhere.

1. On the outside of your Archangel Michael Candle, write a word or intention of what you want their help on.

2. Light your candle: this act marks your connection with the angelic realm. Allow the flame to burn away the energy that no longer serves you.

3. While holding your crystal in your hand, call in the archangel and ask them for the support you need.

4. Carry your crystal with you throughout the day to carry supportive angelic energy everywhere.

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