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Golden Sheen Obsidian Stone

Protection • Brightens Your Aura • Illumination
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Unveil the shimmering beauty and profound energy of the Golden Sheen Obsidian. A marvel of nature, this captivating tumbled stone is more than just an exquisite addition to your collection; it's a gateway to unlocking your inner brilliance.

Crafted by the Earth's powerful forces, each Golden Sheen Obsidian stone boasts a lustrous golden glow that dances upon its sleek, black surface. As you hold it in your palm, feel the ancient energies coursing through its veins, awakening your spirit and guiding you towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

Harness the potent energies of this Golden Sheen Obsidian to fortify your resolve, boost confidence, and embrace your personal power like never before. Its radiant sheen serves as a reminder of your inner luminescence, encouraging you to shine in every aspect of your life.

Let the protective aura of Golden Sheen Obsidian shield you from negative energies and unwanted influences. It acts as a powerful guardian, deflecting negativity and promoting a sense of clarity and balance within your surroundings.

Measures approx. 0.75" - 1" • Weighs approx. 0.215 ounces

A Golden Sheen Obsidian stone purifies your aura and guards you from any unwanted energy. The highly reflective appearance of this stone sends negativity back to the sender, preventing it from taking a toll on how you feel. Besides being a powerful stone for protection, the Golden Sheen Obsidian meaning is also one of light and positivity. Although it appears to be a dark stone at first glance, a closer look reveals its shimmer of golden light. Similarly, the Golden Sheen Obsidian properties brighten your aura, as well as protect it.

Your Golden Sheen Obsidian tumbled stone acts as a powerful energy bodyguard in all matters of love and relationships. If someone in your life has left you feeling drained, depleted, or energetically attacked, your Golden Sheen Obsidian polished stone can release that toxic energy. After clearing away the darkness, your crystal will brighten your energy so you can vibrate at the highest frequency.

When it feels like your energy is dim, connect with your Golden Sheen Obsidian tumbled stone to lift your spirits and guard your energy from low vibrations.

Meditate with your Golden Sheen Obsidian stone to add a sense of release to your third eye and solar plexus chakras, and you'll feel free to let go of your ego and just be yourself. Because Golden sheen Obsidian absorbs any negativity in your aura and provides the balance and clarity to ground you in a positive perspective, it's an ideal stone for carrying with you everywhere you go to stay protected.

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