Black Tourmaline Crystal Earrings
Smiling young blonde woman wearing genuine raw Black Tourmaline crystal earrings from Energy Muse.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Earrings

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Black Tourmaline is the ultimate stone for protection, and these Black Tourmaline Crystal Earrings allow you to bring that protective energy with you wherever you go. Wearing Black Tourmaline on your ears gives it a unique ability to eliminate negative energy from your mind and prevent negative energy from getting into your head. Your Black Tourmaline earrings will work to block out negative thoughts, words, and other forms of lower vibrational energy so you don’t have to carry these unwanted energies around with you.

Black Tourmaline is the ultimate stone for protection. It acts as an energy bodyguard to shield you from negativity, and also works to absorb any negative and unwanted energy that finds its way into your energy field. Wearing Black Tourmaline as earrings brings this stone closer to your higher chakras, which gives it a unique ability to address your mind and your thoughts. Wearing the stone on your ears acts as an energetic filter for your mind by eliminating all negative energy that comes in the form of words, thoughts, or memories.

If you’ve ever had a negative thought or been told something you didn’t like, you know how hard it can be to forget about it and move on. The negative thought repeats on a loop, and it can be difficult to get it out of your head. That’s where your Black Tourmaline Crystal Earrings come in. The dark stone can absorb these lower vibrations and help you release them from your head and your energy field so you can move on and leave whatever doesn’t serve you behind.

Your Black Tourmaline earrings also offer an added layer of protection by blocking out negative energy from the external world. With these earrings, you can move through the world with a bubble of protection around you.

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Wear your Black Tourmaline Crystal Earrings when you want to guard your energy from negativity.

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