Shungite Cell Phone Sticker
Shungite for Your Cell Phone to Minimize EMFs - Energy Muse
Shungite Cell Phone Sticker
Shungite Cell Phone Sticker
Shungite Cell Phone Sticker

Shungite Cell Phone Sticker

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Rectangle • 20mm x 30mm
Heart-shaped • 1"
Research has shown that placing Shungite close to your cell phone, laptops, computers and other electronic sources significantly weakens the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the body. This Shungite for Your Cell Phone plate absorbs and neutralizes the harmful effects of EMFs, which affect energetic balance and your health. Use the best-selling tool to protect your energy against EMFs. Place one, or multiple, on the back of your cell phone case.

As an initial step for integrating Shungite into your life, we recommend placing this Shungite for cell phone on the back of your case for EMF protection. It will help to neutralize the harmful effects of the electromagnetic waves, which disrupt your energetic balance, health and especially, given the way cell phones are held, your cerebral and auditory functions. Applying this cell phone radiation protection helps to correct and transform the electromagnetic waves into biocompatible emanations. There are many other stones that help to reduce the presence of EMFs, but Shungite stands superior to all others in this regard. One of the most powerful stones in the mineral kingdom for cleansing and protection, Shungite does not become saturated or take on a negative charge, allowing it to powerfully and steadily transform the radiation and EMFs. When you find yourself wanting our popular Shungite for phone energy tool, it’s likely your spirit is feeling the effects of tech overload. To reduce the burden that EMFs are placing on your energy, you either need to ditch the phone and other electronics, or seek out the help of Shungite. Because most of us need our phones to keep in contact with work and our loved ones, that means the Shungite sticker for cell phone cleansing tool from Energy Muse is the best option to keep our energy field vibrating at its full potential.

To use, first take the adhesive off the back of the Shungite plate. Place the Shungite on the back of your cell phone or cell phone case for EMF protection. Gently push on the shungite plate to ensure that it is securely adhered to your phone.


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