Pyrite Crystal Earrings
Pyrite Crystal Earrings

Pyrite Crystal Earrings

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A stone of power and confidence, Pyrite shimmers with the energy of success. Wearing a set of Pyrite Crystal Earrings allows you to carry that energy with you wherever you go, embodying success, prosperity and abundance. For anyone working on manifesting prosperity or tapping into their strength and power, adding Pyrite earrings to your collection can up-level your style and energy.

Made with sterling silver, these Pyrite Crystal Earrings are the ultimate addition to any outfit. The rich energy of a Pyrite crystal helps you tap into the richness of who you are. It reminds you to be confident and stand in your power.

Besides boosting your confidence and sense of self-worth, wearing Pyrite also serves as a constant reminder of your goals and intentions. From success and wealth to abundance and prosperity, the Pyrite crystal properties lend themselves well to a variety of intentions. Wearing your Pyrite earrings ensures that you are aligned with your intention wherever you go.

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