Tiger's Eye Sphere

Willpower • Grounding • Courage
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About 1.25” to 1.5”
About 1.5” to 2”
Get grounded in your inner power with a Tiger's Eye Sphere. Connecting with the energy of Tiger's Eye will boost your determination, confidence and calming focus. With Tiger's Eye energy in hand, you'll feel there's nothing you can't accomplish.

To fully embrace the power and potential of your spirit, connect with the energy of a Tiger's Eye Sphere. The greatest accomplishments in life require you to confront your fears and self-doubts. With the courage that a Tiger's Eye Sphere lends, you can stare down all challenges with confidence. Golden Tiger's Eye is great for enhancing willpower and confidence.

Hold this Tiger's Eye Sphere in your hands to get grounded in both willpower and peace. When you need an infusion of inner strength to dispel fears and conquer your goals, hold your Tiger's Eye Sphere for a series deep breaths.

When you're feeling drawn to a Tiger's Eye Sphere, your spirit is calling for action. Has fear or a lack of motivation gotten in the way of changes you'd like to make? If so, that could be why your spirit is craving the willpower and courage of Tiger's Eye energy.

Hold your TIger's Eye Sphere in your hand during meditation, or even just for a series of deep breaths to establish grounded feeling your spirit.

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