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Abundance Attractor Necklace
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Sunstone Convertible Bracelet-Necklace
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Sensuality • Self-Confidence • Creativity
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Sunstone Stone
Effervescence • Sensuality • Creativity
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Like Vitamin C for the spirit and soul, Sunstone jewelry and crystals are an easy way to have constant access to its cheerful and uplifting properties. Our Sunstone crystal product line is thoughtfully curated to include a variety of energy tools for all your needs.

Whether it's for meditation, an eye-catching addition to your gemstone collection, or a thoughtful gift for someone special, our collection of Sunstone jewelry and crystals will bring light and positive vibes into your life. Shop for your own Sunstone energy tools today and use its high vibrations to always look on the sunny side of life.

Sunstone Jewelry

Known as the stone of positivity and joy, the Sunstone crystal is an essential part of our Happiness Bracelet. Combined with other powerful chakra stones such as Tiger’s Eye and Citrine, this bracelet will help connect you with your internal joy. Wear this earthy accessory with everyday outfits and you'll always have access to its healing properties of positivity and enthusiasm.

Another best seller in our Sunstone collection is the set of Love Crystal Earrings. Warm up your soul and add natural beauty to your overall style with a pair of Sunstone earrings. Along with manifesting love and harmony, these crystal earrings come with an additional pair of Rose Quartz earrings for unconditional love, and a Moonstone set for a touch of harmony and balance. When it comes to love, these three gemstone earrings are a powerful combo for opening the chakras and surrounding the aura with positive vibes.


A comprehensive guide for your healing journey with gemstones, Our CRYSTAL365 book includes step-by-step healing rituals, intentions, and detailed information about the healing properties of 52 of the most popular and powerful stones, including the Sunstone crystal. Use this book to harness the energy of Sunstone and other crystals with a different intention for every day of the year.

Polished and carved into an oval shape that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, the Sunstone touchstone is perfect to use in meditation. For best results with your Sunstone jewelry and crystals, we recommend cleansing and activating them on a daily basis. This will clear their energy of any previous programming, allowing you to program your stones with a special intention for your needs.

An easy and effective way to activate and cleanse your Sunstone crystal is by placing it in direct sunlight for several hours. They can also be cleansed with energy tools such as sage, Palo Santo, and powerful purifying crystals like Selenite and Quartz.

A must-have for every gemstone collection, Sunstone is a reminder of the positive healing effects that come from manifesting feelings of positivity and joy. Along with our crystal guide book, Sunstone jewelry selections, and sunstone crystals and touchstones, we have everything you need for clearing negative vibes with the stone of joy and positivity. Shop for your own Sunstone crystal today and bring in the light.