Iolite Touchstone
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Iolite Touchstone - Palm stones - Energy Muse
Iolite Touchstone
Iolite Touchstone

Iolite Touchstone

Eliminate Debt • Break Patterns • Confidence
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About 1.5” to 2”
Comfort zones keep you from experiencing unknown happiness and fulfillment. Iolite doesn't accept that. Iolite Touchstones excite your spirit to make different choices than you have made in the past'ones that might be scary at first, but can offer you greater rewards! Work with an iolite touchstone to discover a newfound confidence that you can use to conquer financial struggles, improve your love life and face your fears.

Rather than just instilling you with confidence, Iolite energy forces you to confront some uncomfortable fears. Some of the greatest rewards in life come from taking risks. Often we avoid those risks by telling ourselves that we are comfortable where we are. Iolite doesn't accept that. Working with an iolite touchstone will push you to consider whether you are comfortable, or merely afraid.

Use the confident energy of iolite to bring about change in your outlook. Iolite is recommended as a stone for combatting debt because it brings your focus to the unhelpful mindsets or patterns that you engage in. Often debt stems from negative patterns that go unaddressed. Whether it's spending money you don't have, or feeling too defeated by debt to save, iolite energy bolsters your courage so that you can recognize your need for change. Once you acknowledge what's not working for you, iolite inspires you to adopt new ways of thinking that will better serve you.

You can use this to conquer fear based mindsets in every area of your life. Let iolite help you breakthrough relationship patterns that have not worked out, by encouraging you to recognize what to change. Use iolite energy to pull you out of comfortable ruts in life. It connects with the third eye chakra to change your perspective in life. Iolite touchstone gives you the push you need to explore new outlooks, no matter how long you've been doing things the same way. Connect with iolite to get excited about create change!

When you're drawn to iolite energy, you are ready to break out of your comfort zone and grow in new ways. The area that you are looking to change depends on you. Do you always pursue the same kind of relationships because you're comfortable in them, even though you know they're not helping you to grow? Do find that your mindset on money is keeping you in debt? Maybe you're looking to shake things up because you've reached a comfortable rut in your life. Whatever you're looking to change, you can find the way to improve your life with iolite energy.

Create a list of action items you will take to relieve some of your debt and reduce your spending. Place your Iolite on top of your list. Every time you see your crystal, remind yourself of your intention.

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