Tiger's Eye Point

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Measures approx. 2" -3" tall
Measures approx. 3" -4" tall
Measures approx. 4" -5" tall
Enhancing your determination, motivation and willpower, a Tiger’s Eye Point moves you towards your highest state, pointing you in the direction you need to go in to achieve your dreams. Associated with the third solar plexus chakra, Tiger Eye is ideal for anyone who feels stuck. Connecting with the Tiger’s Eye meaning will redirect you in a way that allows you to take inspired action to complete tasks. Use your Tiger’s Eye Crystal Point in your prosperity grids and as a way to infuse you and your space’s energies with possibility, power, and achievement.

The tiger eye meaning is willpower, determination and motivation, both mentally and physically. A Tiger’s eye point is symbolic of moving us towards our highest state. It points us in the direction we need to move in order to achieve all the things we need to.

The tiger’s eye meaning is connected to the third chakra, where your willpower resides. Placing a tiger’s eye point on your solar plexus chakra, with the point facing the crown of your head will encourage the stagnant energy in that chakra to move. Doing so will increase your motivation and willpower.

Focused meditation is one of the benefits of a tiger’s eye point. When you hold a tiger’s eye point or place it in front of you during meditation, you encourage a deeper state of meditation by moving the energy from the base chakras up through the crown chakra. You will feel a connection to a higher state of consciousness. When you are finished meditating, you will feel called to take action on the insight gained which will bring that higher energy vibration into the physical world.

Tiger’s Eye is the ideal stone for anyone who feels stuck in place. You may be aware that you know what you need to do, but still lack the motivation to do it. A Tiger’s Eye Point will help you uncover why you are lacking that willpower and redirect you in a way that allows you to take inspired action to complete tasks.

A Tiger’s Eye crystal point is also useful in creating prosperity grids. Place the point at the center of your grid and surround it with other stones for wealth and prosperity. The tiger’s eye meaning also brings you luck and protection. You can place it on your desk at work to welcome in motivation that will bring you wealth and success.

To benefit from the healing properties of Tiger’s Eye, rub it like a magic genie lamp while visualing how you want your life to transform. During this therapeutic session, let your Tiger's Eye Point fill you with it's life-activating empowering energy.

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