Black Tourmaline Bracelet (8mm)

Black Tourmaline Bracelet (8mm)

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Want a powerful talisman that you can wear and feel shielded everywhere you go? Our Black Tourmaline Bracelet provides you a little extra energetic protection as you move throughout the world. Black Tourmaline has been known for centuries as a foremost stone of protection, helping you ground your energy to have a more solid foundation and to deflect and dispel any negative energies you may encounter (even your own). Each bracelet is finished with Clear Quartz and copper findings to recharge and amplify the energy of the crystals.

The Black Tourmaline Crystal Bracelet from Energy Muse was created to give you the full strength and support you need to protect yourself from any toxic frequencies. Simply by wearing our Black Tourmaline Bracelet, you can create a protective energy shield around yourself and visualize a large ball of white light surrounding your entire body. It helps you stay balanced and centered throughout the day, inspiring calm and collected state of mind.

Simple and effortless to incorporate into day-to-day life, wearing a Black Tourmaline healing bracelet is a powerful tool for shielding yourself from negative or unwanted energy that no longer serves you. The solid string of powerfully protective Black Tourmaline beads come together to form a powerful force field of positive, grounding energy that you can call upon at all times, wherever you go. Wear the Energy Muse Black Tourmaline Stone Bracelet and hold onto the good vibes while shielding yourself from what you don’t need.

Affirmation: I am protected. I let go of all negativity. I am secure. I have a solid foundation.

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