Sodalite Faceted Bracelet

Sodalite Faceted Bracelet

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Sodalite imparts a strong sense of self so that you can communicate exactly what you want to communicate, without ambiguity or the risk of being misunderstood. Wearing this stone endows you with the aura of a master peacemaker, always patient and, most importantly of all, always listening. Sodalite wants to help you communicate but a huge part of successful communication is being able to really listen.

If you feel drawn in by the energy of a Sodalite bracelet, you may be experiencing a block in your throat chakra. Work with Sodalite in order to clear your fifth chakra, allowing you to fuse your head and your heart and speak your truth.

You may also be drawn to sodalite for its connection to the third eye chakra if you need to deepen your sense of self. Use a Sodalite bracelet to open up your third eye and tap into your intuition. Watch your ability to communicate effectively be boosted and your creativity stimulated.

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