Dendritic Agate Touchstone
Dendritic Agate Touchstone

Dendritic Agate Touchstone

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Like just about every single human walking this earth, you're probably not super proud of your flaws. The red-hot shame of our shortcomings may weigh us down and might even make us feel unworthy of what’s good in life. But when we accept ourselves, “warts and all,” we may find that, in fact, our flaws can become our superpowers! And when we feel empowered, we become better able to go after our goals. To transform our negative traits into positive ones and experience personal growth, we have to dig deep, into our own personal depths, and crack open anything that’s holding us back. Find where the openings are, where there are opportunities to grow new branches & leaves, when you work with the Dendritic Agate Touchstone. This mesmerizing stone is strongly connected to the plant realm, instilling a sense of resiliency, renewal, and plentitude. It’s even known as the Stone of Plentitude! Find a sense of powerful resilience and abundant fortitude with your Dendritic Agate Touchstone. All Dendritic Agate Touchstones will vary very slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

Three heavyweights of verse — Rumi, Ernest Hemingway and Leonard Cohen — all knew a very special, very deeply rooted truth about humanity: that where the “cracks” are, that’s where the light comes in. What we perceive to be our biggest flaws is actually where we begin to grow new, stronger versions of ourselves. Rather than hide where you are “broken,” use it as a starting point for personal growth and newfound mental, emotional, and energetic strength.

Dendritic Agate’s name derives from the Greek dendritēs ‘treelike’, which then comes from dendron ‘tree’. This is in reference to the beguiling fern-like inclusions that mimic the appearance of a tree's growth due to the presence of iron or manganese oxides or silicates. And although this stone is called an agate, it is more accurately considered a form of chalcedony. The transparent nature of the chalcedony aspect allows you to see the delicate dendrites unfurl in all directions and dimensions. This stone is very well-suited to the transitional phases of life, when we want to reach a new, higher level; an upgrade of self. Besides the lacy inclusions, Dendritic Agate features lovely milky white and a complex semi-translucent multidimensionality.

To harness the renewing and depth-plunging powers of your Dendritic Agate Touchstone, cup it in your non-writing hand while sitting under a tree and writing in your journal, “brain dump” style - this means, do not go back and read what you wrote right away, do not worry about grammar or making sense! Just let your thoughts flow onto the page. Reflect on how you feel after, if you’ve cleared some old, emotional dead and dry “brush,” allowing space for new growth instead. Gaze into your Dendritic Agate Touchstone and let its multidimensionality remind you of your own many layers, how much you’ve survived, and how much you’ve grown. Finally, grab your journal again and jot down any immediate thoughts that feel like “seeds” for your personal growth. Imagine roots growing from your root chakra, into the earth, and branches and leaves multiplying and growing skywards. Repeat your affirmations: I grow where I am planted. I grow where I appear broken. The cracks are where the light comes in.

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