Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit
Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit by Energy Muse in its packaging
Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit
Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit

Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit

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When you hear the words Mercury Retrograde, do you instantly get anxious, start expecting the worst & get ready for catastrophe?! Fear not! Each 3-week period is a wonderful period for slowing down, reflecting + adjusting our outlook & how we approach life. To help make it as easy as possible to harness this potential-filled period, we've created a Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit! Use this new kit to embrace the true energy of Mercury Retrograde: take time every day to pause, reflect, and realign yourself & your goals, rather than focus on dreaded communication and tech issues. Performing this practice essentially forces you to be present and deliberate rather than always rushing forward! We’ve included an Amazonite stone to help you let go of control & go with the flow, a Lapis Lazuli stone for clarity of communication, a Shungite stone for any tech issues that may arise and Hematite stone for grounding. Your ritual kit also includes a canvas bag in which to place your stones and horehound herbs, a white taper candle to activate your ritual, a Selenite plate upon which to place and charge your stones, and an easy-to-follow instruction sheet. By committing yourself to performing this ritual every day of the 3-week Mercury Retrograde period, you can harness the stillness and thoughtfulness of this 3-week period rather than fight against Mercury Retrograde's reflective energy.

What does this new kit include? The new Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit includes:

• 1 Amazonite tumbled stone

• 1 Lapis Lazuli tumbled stone

• 1 Shungite tumbled stone

• 1 Hematite tumbled stone

• 1 round Selenite plate

• 1 bag of Horehound herbs

• 1 tapered white candle

• 1 canvas bag

• Instructions

Why a ritual? We find that a simple practice you perform every day for at least 7 days ensures you take the time you need to reflect, reassess, and thoughtfully take stock of your goals, how you're approaching them, and even the spiritual environment you're existing in. Because you’re being required to perform a specific practice for the entire duration of Mercury Retrograde, you begin to train yourself to slow down, reflect, ponder all of your power and potential instead of any “problems” caused by such an infamous astrological phenomenon.

What is Mercury Retrograde exactly? Is Mercury literally orbiting backwards? Mercury retrograde is when the planet Mercury appears, from our perspective on Earth, to be moving backwards. However, it isn't actually moving backwards. It's a visual phenomenon that's similar to when you're driving very close to another car on the highway, both going at the same speed.

Other planets "go retrograde." Why is Mercury Retrograde so important? Mercury symbolizes communication, above all. It affects our relationships (whether romantic, with family or friends, work, even the relationships we have with ourselves). When Mercury goes retrograde, it's believed to affect us the most because Mercury is the closest planet to Earth! There's power in that proximity.

What's horehound, and why is it included in this kit? Horehound is an herb that helps with mental clarity and focus. It has protective properties and is associated with the planet Mercury, making it perfect for your Mercury Retrograde practices.

Due to the nature of the crystals, Selenite plate and herbs, they will all differ very slightly in color, shape, size and pattern.

1. Carve a simple Mercury symbol, ☿, into your candle to activate it as your Mercury Retrograde candle. Place your candle upright in a small fireproof bowl of rice or sand. Light your candle to activate your ritual.

2. Place your Selenite plate in front of your candle with your tumbled stones on top. Leave your stones in place for 1 minute to charge and cleanse.

3. Pick up your stones and place them in your canvas bag. Sprinkle a pinch of your horehound herbs over your stones in the bag. Pull the drawstring closed.

4. Hold your bag in both hands and say your intention or affirmation out loud to program and activate your bag.

5. Carry your bag with you in your pocket or purse throughout the day.

6. At night, take your stones out of your bag and place them on your Selenite plate to cleanse and recharge for the next day.

7. Repeat steps 1-6 every day during the Mercury Retrograde period.

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