Green Apatite Freeform Crystal
Green Apatite Freeform Crystal
Green Apatite Freeform Crystal

Green Apatite Freeform Crystal

Inspiration • Love • Adventure
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Feeling uninspired, or like your heart is constantly losing out to your head when it comes to decisions and which desires you go after? Connect with a Green Apatite Freeform, which allows you to live more from your heart space, rather than your head space, in terms of what inspires you! As a stone of manifesting and awakening, Green Apatite encourages you to understand the balance between the wisdom of the mind and the emotion of the heart.

Measures approx 3” - 4” • Weighs approx. 28.133 ounces

Green Apatite stimulates hope and courage while you work through obstacles in your life, with your emotions, and even with your health, as it is especially helpful for those who have heart problems. If you have lost a burning sense of passion in your life, either personally or professionally, your Green Apatite Freeform Crystal can renew the vitality of your emotions and inspire you to think in terms of creative abundance. Begin a new project, start brainstorming, or learn a new skill! It can be as simple as cooking a new dish or picking out a new outfit. Your Green Apatite Freeform Crystal can help to draw out the excitement and exhilaration of doing things differently and busting out of your routine.

The rich verdant hues of Green Apatite bring a new flow of energy to your heart chakra, throat chakra, and third eye chakra, so you can move away from blocked ways of thinking and step into a new, more courageous and hopeful, mindset. Prepare to see the world with an almost healed, lively fresh set of eyes and an unabashedly passionate heart with your Green Apatite Freeform in hand!

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