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Apophyllite Crystals and Jewelry

Genuine Apophyllite Tip crystal by Energy Muse
Apophyllite Tip
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45 degree view of raw apophyllite freeform cluster crystal with stilbite inclusion by Energy Muse
Apophyllite Freeform Crystal
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Druzy Apophyllite Crystal
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Apophyllite Crystal Cluster
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The whimsical, childlike energy of Apophyllite brings a special healing quality to any gemstone collection. Encouraging a renewed sense of calm and positivity, this gemstone can be a great support in times of stress. In healing layouts, the Apophyllite crystal is often placed over the heart chakra to help deepen your connection to nature by releasing heavy emotional baggage. At Energy Muse, our Apophyllite stone collection includes an ongoing selection of our bestselling items. Shop today and let your intuition be your guide in choosing the best Apophyllite crystal for your needs.

Apophyllite Crystal

If Apophyllite stands out to you in your search for the best gemstone, it might be a sign that you need a dose of lightness in your heart. Sometimes stress and negative emotions can weigh heavily on the heart. But when you work with Apophyllite, it can help you navigate ups and downs by strengthening your inner powers such as intuition and wisdom.


There are many ways you can use the Apophyllite stone - you can include it as a light green addition to your gemstone collection. With healing layouts, use it to open and activate the heart chakra. You can also meditate with the Apophyllite stone by holding it in your hands and imagine its white healing light filling your body with positivity and giving you a lightness of being.

You can also use the green variety of Apophyllite to enhance your outdoor space. Place a few pieces of raw Apophyllite on a balcony or in the soil of healthy plants to infuse the ground with its healing properties. You can use green Apophyllite pieces as a light-filled and eye-catching border around trees and gardens.

What makes Apophyllite truly unique is the small inclusions of stilbite, which contain high energetic vibrations. These frequencies of love will bring an angelic energy into your space, filling your being with light and positivity. The Apophyllite crystal has a calming and relaxing energy, which makes it a useful stone for using in meditation to relieve stress and anxiety. It also can help release past childhood traumas as it guides you towards a true understanding of your inner self.

Another healing layout with Apophyllite is a ritual of forgiveness. Its properties help support focus and clarity, giving you a new perspective on past events and allowing you to move on and heal. Combined with Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli crystals, try to visualize the anger being released as you meditate with their calming properties.

For more information on crystal properties, intentions, and healing rituals, our CRYSTAL365 book is a comprehensive guide that includes step-by-step instructions on how to get the best results from crystal healing.

Combine it with your favorite healing crystals and energy tools for a personalized care package that comes with everything you need on your spiritual journey. Shop Energy Muse today and bring positivity and inspiration to your spirit and space.