Black Opal Touchstone
Black Opal Touchstone

Black Opal Touchstone

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A Black Opal Touchstone is an extremely powerful gem in the Opal family. This dark colored Opal has a unique energy that works to both protect and uplift your spirit. By aligning both the root and crown chakras, the Black Opal properties guide you to an elevated state of being where you can release any unwanted or negative energy and tap into a higher frequency. Connect with a Black Opal Touchstone to uplift and cleanse your energy field before setting intentions, during meditation or other spiritual practices, or as part of your energy cleansing practice.

One of the most powerful of all the Opals, Black Opal is a dark and striking variation with an equally unique energy. Similar to other dark crystals, Black Opal has a protective quality that guides you to release and purify any dark energy from your energy field. However, the iridescent quality of the Black Opal properties gives this stone an additional uplifting energy that guides you to a higher vibration.

The Black Opal touchstone works by balancing and aligning both your root and crown chakras. Although these energy centers are quite different, the Black Opal properties have the ability to connect with both by linking your physical body with your higher consciousness. Through this chakra balancing and healing process, you can align your mind, body and spirit with a higher frequency, which supports all aspects of your life. Whether you are manifesting new possibilities, setting new intentions, or simply boosting your spiritual and energetic wellness, the Black Opal touchstone is a powerful tool to support your goals.

Hold your Black Opal Touchstone with the intention of clearing, releasing, and uplifting your energy. For meditation, hold one Black Opal Touchstone in each hand.

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