product view of heart-shaped Selenite charging box by Energy Muse
Selenite Heart Box
45 degree view of genuine heart-shaped Selenite box with crystal jewelry instead and lid slanted on its side by Energy Muse
Selenite Heart Box
Selenite Heart Box
Selenite Heart Box

Selenite Heart Box

Love Frequency • Charging • Clearing Negativity
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Selenite, known as the ultimate crystal energy, is an absolute must-have for every home! This exquisitely designed heart-shaped charging box amplifies the charging and cleansing properties of Selenite, while incorporating the powerful symbology of a heart shape. Love, which resonates at the highest frequency, becomes effortlessly infused into your living spaces with the help of this meticulously crafted energy tool. Elevate your home with the harmonious energy of Selenite and experience the transformative power it brings to your environment.

Measures approx. 4” wide and 1” deep • Weighs approx. 54.4 ounces

A Selenite Charging Heart Box, just like with any piece of Selenite, is a bringer of light! It sheds new light on the heart, mind and spirit, which may have been functioning in the shadows for too long. So if your aura is tinged with the pain of rejection, grief, loss, abandonment, deception or loneliness, Selenite Heart Charging Box will brighten your aura with its angelic, moon-like cat’s eye flashes. Place your Selenite Heart Box on your windowsill for a few hours during the day to imbue it, and the crystals and jewelry contained within it, with loving light.

Instead of leaving your crystals hidden away in a nondescript plastic box or dusty drawer where you never interact with them, store them in a Selenite Heart Charging Box. This lidded crystal box is a functional way to store your crystals from both an energetic and organizational standpoint, since it keeps them neat and tidy while also clearing your crystals. And when you have accumulated a sizable collection of them, it’s important to keep their energies contained when you are not working with them.

When it comes to energy clearing, Selenite is the go-to crystal. By clearing away lower vibrations and replacing those unwanted energies with high vibrations and positive energy, Selenite works to clear both your environment and your other crystals. Because it emits such high frequency energy, Selenite also has the ability to charge other crystals. Placing your crystals inside of a bowl made out of Selenite crystal is one of the most powerful, effective, and easy ways to clear, cleanse and charge your stones.

Not just for clearing and charging crystals, a Selenite bowl can also be used to supercharge your intentions. By placing written intentions inside of the crystal bowl, the Selenite can energize and amplify your words just as it would for other stones.

PLEASE NOTE: Because these bowls are made from natural Selenite crystals, they may have small chips or imperfections from the polishing process. They are each unique and special, and no two are the same!


Place your Selenite Heart Charging Box in your bedroom, living space, or any other area of your home. Place your smaller crystals and jewelry inside of the Selenite Heart Box to clear and charge their energy and the energy of your intentions. It also works well as a keepsake box!

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