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One of the most powerful crystals for removing negative emotions and cutting toxic ties is Black Kyanite. The best spiritual companion to protect you against energy vampires, Black Kyanite will help guard you against people trying to drain your energy. When your loved ones need support, it can sometimes leave you feeling drained and needing to be comforted yourself. Anytime you have an intense emotional experience, either second-hand or within yourself, Black Kyanite is the best crystal to cleanse all of the energy centers of the body. This crystal is one of the best when you need an all-over chakra cleanse, particularly after emotionally-charged spiritual transformations.

Black kyanite healing properties can help you recover your energy when your emotional reserves have been sucked dry. When you have the support of the Black Kyanite Crystal, you can lend others your strength and then cut those energy cords once you've parted ways. Connect with the Black Kyanite properties to make sure that your energy reserves are built back up after giving love and support to others in need.

Black Kyanite

Along with its protective and cleansing properties, the Black Kyanite meaning is also linked to the legend of Archangel Michael and his sword, which was said to be made of Kyanite crystal. When negativity comes from within, Kyanite properties can also be helpful in releasing negativity and raising your vibrations. It works by cleansing and balancing all seven chakras, helping to restore a positive flow of energy throughout your energy centers.

Black Kyanite Crystal

As part of your healing crystal collection, you should keep Black Kyanite close by as your go-to piece for recharging the spirit with positivity. Along with other dark-colored stones such as Hematite, Shungite, and Onyx, Black Kyanite is also an excellent stone for its grounding properties. Use it as a reminder to be in the here and now, which will give you the awareness you need to keep the positive vibes going strong. An easy way to balance your environment with the cleansing and protective energy of Black Kyanite is to place a stone in each of the four corners of a room. This will create an energetic shield of protection similar to Black Tourmaline.

For more techniques and rituals for enhancing the effects of Black Kyanite, our Crystal 365 book is a comprehensive guide that will help take your crystal journey to the next level. With 52 crystals and intentions, you can fill the entire year with 365 days of Black Kyanite Properties and other crystals for different intentions.

With this wealth of knowledge and insight, this book will allow you to easily create a personalized crystal healing schedule that is tailor-made to fit your lifestyle and wellness goals. Try working with a combination of crystals for synergistic effect, along with 30 intentions such as love, wealth, creativity, and happiness.

The best crystal for cleansing and protection, shop for Black Kyanite today and add another layer of healing energy to your gemstone collection.