7 Chakra Sage Stick

7 Chakra Sage Stick

Clearing • Balance • Harmony
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This 7 Chakra Sage Stick features white sage plus rainbow rose petals, with each of the seven colors addressing one of the seven main chakras. This rainbow stick is a powerful cleansing tool to clear negative energy from your mind, body, spirit and space, as well as a chakra healing tool that balances and aligns your chakras. Use this unique energy tool for a two-in-one healing session before or after your crystal rituals, or as a stand-alone practice.

Cleanse your energy and balance your chakras with this two-in-one cleansing stick. The 7 Chakra Sage Stick is made with white sage and rainbow-colored rose petals that are coordinated with the colors of the seven main chakras. This combination of energies work together to clear away negative or lower vibrational energies, as well as clear any energetic blockages. It also works to balance and align each of the seven chakras, giving you an overall chakra healing session at the same time as your energy clearing session.

This is the perfect energy tool to use if your energy is feeling off or if you feel out of balance. By cleansing your overall energy and your chakras, this sage stick can help bring you back into balance and alignment so you can move forward from a higher state of being.

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Light your 7 Chakra Sage Stick, letting the end catch fire. Allow it to burn for 30 seconds and then gently blow the flame out. If you are using it to clear your environment, walk through your space clockwise with your burning sage, making sure to waft the smoke with your hand into all the corners and tight spaces. If you are using it to clear your own energy, hover the sage stick a few inches away from your skin and move it around your body, front to back. When you’re finished, snuff your sage stick out in a fireproof container.


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