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Pyrite Touchstone

Pyrite Touchstone

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Want to know a tip for attracting wealth and new opportunities? You have to invite them in! Instead of just letting opportunities knock, let these Pyrite Touchstones give you the courage to open the door. Working with the energy of Pyrite helps you to release any fears or mindsets blocking you from success and reminds you that you are worthy of abundance

Also known as Fool's gold, this metallic Pyrite touchstone will reflect the many facets of your personality that you can use toward your advantage. By boosting your courage and optimism, this stone shows you that you have everything you need to create the opportunities you yearn for. You can either choose to stand in your own way, or march to where you want to be.

Use your Pyrite Touchstone to release the mindsets, fears and self-doubt blocking you from achieving success. Connected with your third, solar plexus chakra, Pyrite will stir a sense of willpower within your core. Its heavy weight will ground you in to Earth's energy as soon as you hold it in your hands. This inspiring force encourages you to seek out new opportunity with focused determination.

A Pyrite Touchstone is the perfect addition to your office desk, business or workspace. Seeing its shiny, gold appearance on a daily basis will help you to recognize alternative solutions and accept the opportunities that you hadn't yet considered. Working with Pyrite will motivate you to take the necessary risks in your business, while the earthly grounding energy helps you maintain a realistic, but positive outlook.

Anything that requires commitment, ambition, determination and persistence can benefit through your work with your Pyrite touchstone. From the classroom to the office, this stone will increase your motivation so that you can create your best work yet. The welcoming aura of opulence that radiates from your being while working with the Pyrite meaning will attract people, opportunities, luck and so much more your way. So just be ready to have the true power of abundance knocking at your door!

Place your Pyrite stone on your office desk or in your workspace to invite in wealth and new opportunity. Meditate with a Pyrite Touchstone in each hand to open yourself up to the energy of abundance and success. Let the crystal energy infuse your aura with grounding, motivating energies.

Sitting in a comfortable position or laying on your back, place your Pyrite touchstone over your solar plexus chakra (located just above the navel and below the center breastbone) to balance, align and heal that chakra center.

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