Garnet Touchstone
Garnet Touchstone

Garnet Touchstone

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As a touchstone, Garnet helps you connect to the energy of passion. Whether it's passion in your romantic life, your professional, or your daily life more generally, a Garnet touchstone fills you with a fiery motivation and excitement to help you bring passion to all areas of your life.

The deep red coloration of a Garnet crystal connects to the heart to support vitality, happiness and love. Garnet puts you in touch with what brings you joy, what gets you excited, and what you love about life. Working with this crystal helps you stay connected to the people or things that ignite your passion so that you can tap into that energy whenever you've lost it.

The power of a Garnet Touchstone lies in its ability to hold the energy of passion for you. For those times when life feels dull or unexciting, hold your Garnet touchstone to reconnect with its passionate and fiery energy. When you can find that feeling within, you can bring more passion to the different areas of your life.

A Garnet touchstone is ideal for anyone looking to infuse their work, relationships, or daily life with more passion and excitement. Through your connection to this stone, you can ignite an internal fire that makes even most mundane tasks more enjoyable. Whether you want to have deeper, more intimate relationships, a more stimulating professional life, or a general feeling of passion that you’ve been missing, there’s no better stone than Garnet.

Garnet Touchstones work best in pairs. From a seated position or lying on your back, place one Garnet Touchstone on each side of your hip pointers, in line with your root chakra, to ignite your passion. If you only have one, place your Garnet Touchstone over your root chakra (on the front side of your body in line with the base of your spine).

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