Sand Dollar Fossil
Sand Dollar Fossil
Sand Dollar Fossil

Sand Dollar Fossil

Ancient Wisdom • Abundance • Good Luck
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New to the shop but thousands of years old, these Sand Dollar fossils are like ancient wisdomkeepers! Each piece holds tons of accumulated energy and contains so much earthly abundance, making them perfect additions to your wealth bowls, altars and practices.

  • Not only are Sand Dollar Fossils considered the currency of the ocean, but they're infused with millions of years of ancient oceanic knowledge!
  • Each Sand Dollar Fossil will vary very slightly in color, pattern and size.
Measures approx. 2.5"-3" • Weighs approx. 5 ounces

Sand dollars, especially fossilized ones, are considered symbols of wealth, good fortune and endless abundance. They’re very hard to find, making these extremely lucky finds! Along with wealth, fossilized Sand Dollars have come to stand for transformation and growth, both personally and when it comes to wealth.

This Madagascar Sea Biscuit is a large fossilized Echinoid “sand dollar” of the species Plesiolampas from the Paleocene Age. It was living about 65 million years ago. These Fossil Sand Dollars are from the Mahajanga region of Madagascar.

Add to your wealth bowls or altars to invite in boundless abundance into your life.

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