UV Reactive Citrine
UV Reactive Citrine
UV Reactive Citrine
UV Reactive Citrine
UV Reactive Citrine

UV Reactive Citrine

Manifestation • Opportunity • Prosperity
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A truly unheard of phenomenon in the world of crystals from Morocco! This ultra-rare variety emerges when the growth of Citrine is interrupted, leading to the formation of Calcite within its structure. This stunning interplay of minerals not only enhances its manifestation powers but also adds an unexpected dimension under UV light. This money stone works to bring new opportunities your way, which lead the path toward your end goal of wealth and abundance.

Approximately 0.5" to 1" in size

Uncover the gemstone that’s taking both collectors and spiritual seekers by storm—UV-Reactive Citrine. Sourced from the vibrant heart of Morocco, this unique stone is a natural treasure like no other. It’s not just a rarity in the world of crystals; it's a powerhouse of prosperity with an aesthetic twist you won’t find elsewhere.

Crafted by nature's own hand, UV-Reactive Citrine is a mineral marvel born from an interrupted growth—resulting in the captivating presence of Calcite within its composition. This whimsical fusion, a playful dance of crystalline beauty, promises not only a visual delight under UV light but also amplifies its innate capabilities to unlock your potential for wealth and success.

Dubbed as the "money stone", the Natural Citrine is a beacon of optimism and dynamic energy. Imagine a life where doors to opportunities swing open, inviting a cascade of prosperity and abundant success. This crystal isn’t just an object to admire—it's a catalyst for attracting the very best life has to offer.

Citrine stands a guardian of your intentions. Nestle your dreams beneath its point and envision them soaring high into the universe, accelerating your path to manifestation. Strengthen your inner core with its radiant energy, nurturing confidence, and enduring power that benefits every corner of your being.

Step into a room illuminated by the sparkling presence of a UV-Reactive Citrine and feel the heavy burdens of the past dissipate. Unlike others, this gem doesn’t just absorb negativity—it eradicates it. It invites joy, ushers in a spectrum of light, and embraces positivity, setting a groundwork for happiness to flourish.

Limited Edition Calling

Indulge in the exclusive opportunity to possess one of Mother Earth’s rare masterpieces. With limited quantities available, each UV-Reactive Citrine stands as an emblem of uniqueness, ready to bedeck your space or collection with its unrivaled glow and good fortune.

Hold the UV Reactive Citrine in your palm, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Visualize any lack-limiting thoughts leaving your body as you exhale, and with each inhale, envision a warm, yellow light filling you with positivity, abundance and opportunity. Carry this stone with you daily or keep it in a prominent place to radiate its calming energy throughout your space.

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