small brass Ganesh statue by Energy Muse
Ganesh Statue
Ganesh Statue

Ganesh Statue

Removing Obstacles • Breakthrough • Limitless Potential
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Having a statuette of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, is a powerful energy tool to help you break through the dense negativity that may be clogging fresh energy from circulating around your home, when it comes to your finances, your love life, your creative pursuits: anything that is being blocked. If the energy of your environment is blocking you from success in any area of your life, an energy-clearing session with a Ganesh may be what you need to break through that roadblock.

Approx. 1¾" tall x 2" wide • Weighs approx. 3.7 ounces

Ganesh, known as the Remover of Obstacles, is a power source when it comes to breaking through blocks and limitations. Carved out of brass, this crystal Ganesh statue holds the energy of luck and success. Think of Ganesh as your lucky charm – a stone that helps you strike gold and discover new opportunities for success. By enhancing your confidence and your openness to receive, Ganesh helps you feel like the luckiest person around.

When you are facing obstacles to success or feeling awfully unlucky in life, ask your mini Ganesh to help you clear away the obstacles in your path. By strengthening your self-confidence and boosting your lucky energy, your brass Ganesh helps you breakthrough barriers whenever you encounter them.

A Ganesh statue is an ancient energy tool known for removing obstacles and facilitating breakthroughs in life. Whatever you are pursuing, your Ganesh statue can help you move forward in your pursuit.

Approx. 1¾" tall x 2" wide

No matter which room you place your brass Ganesh in, make sure he is facing either East, West or North. It is also suggested to place an offering—such as a bowl of rice, candy or flowers—in front of Ganesh. Having Ganesh on an elevated surface is a sign of respect, so set him on a table if you can.

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