Good Fortune Charm
Good Fortune Charm
Good Fortune Charm
Good Fortune Charm

Good Fortune Charm

Luck • Plentitude • Money
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Pyrite, Peridot, real purple hydrangeas and real four-leaf clovers combine to create a powerful magnet for money, abundance, and good luck of all kinds in this Good Fortune Charm! These elements work together to amplify each others’ energies to attract positive outcomes in all facets of life.

Add it to your wealth ritual by programming it with your money intention and use it to boost your own lucky energy everywhere you go by placing it on your purse, backpack or wallet.

1” wide with a 3” drop • Weighs approx. 0.2 ounces

Combining plants, crystals, and symbols like a four-leaf clover create a symbolic and energetic synergy that is believed to enhance luck and prosperity. Here's a breakdown of how each element might contribute:

1. Pyrite: Often called "Fool's Gold" and is associated with wealth and abundance. Its golden color resonates with the energy of money and prosperity. Placing pyrite in your charm could symbolize attracting financial success and good fortune.

2. Peridot: A green crystal associated with positive energy, growth, and prosperity. It's believed to bring abundance and increase luck in various aspects of life. Its vibrant green color aligns with the energies of renewal and wealth.

3. Purple Hydrangea: Purple is often associated with wealth, abundance, and royalty. We included them in this charm to heighten your ability to attract abundance and enhance your luck.

4. Four-Leaf Clover: Perhaps the best known traditional symbol of good luck, a four-leaf clover's four leaves each represent something: faith, hope, love, and luck. Finding one is considered lucky, and it's believed to bring good fortune and ward off negative energy.

Program your Good Fortune Charm with your money intention, mantra or affirmation and place it on their purse or wallet so that it acts like a magnet to wherever you carry your money.

Throughout the day, touch your charm to bring yourself back to your intention multiple times and strengthen it!

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