Miracle Crystal Bowl by Energy Muse featuring 6 tumbled stones in Selenite Bowl
Miracle Crystal Bowl
Miracle Crystal Bowl

Miracle Crystal Bowl

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Let your new Miracle Crystal Bowl bring in the glittering promise of daily miracles into your life! If you find yourself feeling like you’re unlucky and find yourself more focused on “proof” of bad luck in your life, it’s the perfect time to introduce a new kind of miracle magnet into your home. By working with the synergy of 6 powerful crystals, along with amplifying and super-charging Selenite, this Miracle Crystal Bowl acts as a super-dose of good fortune, optimism, and magic. The Miracle Crystal Bowl includes: Angelite to call in your team of angels, Tiger’s Eye which amplifies power, courage and fearlessness, Amethyst to help you spot miracles more readily and stay optimistic, Malachite which helps you transform the “lens” you view your life in, Rutilated Quartz which helps create a connective thread from the magical Universe down to you on Earth, and Labradorite to spot the magic and miracles in your everyday life, all gently nestled in a petite round Selenite charging bowl. These thoughtfully curated intention bowls make a beautiful addition to your home or to give away as a gift for your loved ones. Let magic in and witness it manifest in myriad ways in your life.

Includes: 1 Labradorite Stone, 1 Angelite Stone, 1 Tiger's Eye Stone, 1 Chevron Amethyst Stone, 1 Malachite Stone, 1 Rutilated Quartz Stone and 1 medium Selenite Bowl (4” diameter). Product also includes a PDF that activates the bowl with an easy ritual.

Combining the energies of several crystals invites an even deeper immersion and stronger attraction of healing energies, so that manifesting your intentions is turbocharged.

The Miracle Crystal Bowl is a powerful tool to open yourself and your home to more abundance, wealth, and opportunities. This intention bowl’s positive energy aligns your mind, body, and spirit with its high vibrations. If you’re stuck in a rut where you feel overly focused on scarcity and lack, working with the frequencies of the combined stones in the Abundance Crystal Bowl can awaken within you a prosperity magnet.

  • Labradorite to spot the magic and miracles in your everyday life.
  • Angelite to call in your team of angels by name and witness their miracles.
  • Tiger’s Eye to harness the Year of the Tiger’s powerful frequency to recognize miracles in your daily life.
  • Chevron Amethyst to always look for miracles around you and to stay optimistic.
  • Malachite to transform the lens through which you view your life and call in joyous expectancy.
  • Rutilated Quartz sends up searchlights to the Universe, which then beams down unexpected miracles into your life.
  • Selenite Bowl cleanses and charges your stones and acts as a device of light.

If you are feeling drawn to a Miracle Crystal Bowl, it’s time to pump up your miracle-working powers. It's time to recognize and affirm all of the abundance and miracles that you already have in your life and attract even more magic into your home and in yourself.

Our new Miracle Crystal Bowl comes with 7 stones, 1 medium Selenite bowl, and a PDF-worksheet that you can use for 2 full weeks. There you'll find crystal-specific mantras plus dedicated spaces for you to collect all of your daily mini miracles as they come to you.

Place your included Labradorite tumbled stone by your bed and your Selenite bowl, filled with the remaining 6 crystals, on top of your daily miracle tracker! As you flesh out your tracker, your life's miraculous abundance will make itself visible to you.

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