The Ultimate Crystal Lover&
The Ultimate Crystal Lover&

The Ultimate Crystal Lover's Bundle

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You’re a total crystal pro, but you’re an eager learner and ready to take your knowledge and practices to the next level! Dig deeper and get more rewarding insight and information with The Ultimate Crystal Lover’s Bundle: it includes the Daily Crystal Inspiration Oracle Deck, Crystal365 paperback book, and an essential Clear Quartz stone to magnify the power of the deck and help you to interpret the messages of the cards with clarity.

Even though anyone can work with crystals, it can be confusing to know where to begin and how to progress. Crystal365 aims to take out the guesswork by showing you how to use one crystal for one purpose with one practice. All you need to do is pick which one (or ones) ou want to focus on, and use the best crystal we have pinpointed to match that intention. Then you can use the customized formula to reach your specific goals so that you can get the most out of your crystal journey.

Additionally, this book includes crystal combinations for 30 intentions, including love, wealth, creativity, and happiness. When you work with a combination of crystals versus a singular crystal, you are able to heighten the energy of your intention by addressing the different layers and multifaceted nature of your goal. Use these crystal combinations to amplify your intention and supercharge your crystal practice.

Let CRYSTAL365 be your go-to crystal guide anytime you are looking to make a shift in your life — 52 crystals, 52 intentions, 52 weeks, 365 days a year.

When you imagine your ideal self, who do you see? Are you adventurous? Calm? Prosperous? Filled with love? Crystal Muse beckons you to stop imagining and begin transforming. Your ideal self is attainable, and with the easy, step-by-step guide that is Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You, there’s a map to self-discovery. Learn how you can connect with crystals to empower your life by setting such transformational intentions as:

• Attracting love through learning to love yourself

• Relieving anxiety by surrendering to meditation

• Becoming a magnet for prosperity

• Crystallizing a breakthrough

• Consciously conceiving a new life

• Cutting your unhealthy energy cords

• Getting rid of insomnia to sleep with your mind fully at rest

• Cultivating the connection with your creative spirit

• Aligning with the energy of the moon

• Grounding yourself with the energy of the earth; and

• Finding the temple within

These practices are a collection of over 25 years of rigorous research, world travel, and spiritual quests by holistic healer, crystal expert and our co-founder, Heather Askinosie. For over two decades, Heather and Timmi have been offering insights into crystals through their crystal healing business. Throughout our debut book, Heather and Timmi recollect on the path they took toward alternative practice, and explain how the remedies found along the way can work for the reader’s life as well.

Crystal Oracle Cards

The Daily Crystal Inspiration oracle deck includes 52 crystal cards, featuring crystals that touch on some of the most common shared experiences that we encounter throughout our lives. The crystal oracle provides a clear directive to heal and transform your life, even without the physical crystal, through an affirmation for you to connect with its corresponding crystal energy. After choosing your crystal card or cards, head to the guidebook entries to learn about the message provided by each crystal card and be guided through a simple action to make an immediate, impactful shift in your life.

Every morning, pull a card from your Daily Inspiration Card Deck while holding the clear quartz tumbled stone in your other hand. Then, look up the crystal you pulled in your Crystal365 books to learn more about its energy and meaning. You can also pull several cards depending on what question you have.
When you’re not using your deck, place your Clear Quartz stone on the top of the deck to ensure your cards are ready for you to use and are energetically optimized.

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