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close up view of dainty mini gemstone Perdiot crystal stretch elastic bracelet with four leaf clover-shaped Malachite bead by Energy Muse
White woman with tarot sun hand tattoo wearing 8 Opportunity Magnet peridot and malachite crystal stretch elastic bracelets by Energy Muse
Opportunity Magnet Bracelet
Good Luck • Money • Growth
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Triple Wealth Generator Pyramid
Abundance • Prosperity • Money Magnet
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Since ancient times, Peridot has been highly valued for its healing properties. It was viewed as a symbol of the sun and believed to bestow a sense of royalty in its wearer.

In thirteenth century England, peridot jewelry was sometimes worn for protection against evil spirits and was believed to bring wealth. Peridot is often referred to as the gemstone of “positive vibes,” as wearing peridot jewelry on your body brings positivity, happiness and light. Its vibrations bring a sense of inner warmth and wellbeing, much like the feeling of warm sunshine on your skin on a summer day.

Peridot stone jewelry helps to harmonize and balance the third and fourth chakras, uniting your will with your heart. When the solar chakra and heart chakra are in harmony, you have the willpower and motivation to full-heartedly pursue your dreams and desires. Peridot is the gemstone of Archangel Raphael and rules the realm of angelic virtues. Wearing a peridot stone bracelet is believed to help drive away all fear. Peridot is also a gemstone of both financial and spiritual abundance, bringing wealth, prosperity, opportunity and insight. Wearing a peridot bracelet or any kind of peridot jewelry is especially beneficial when embarking on important career endeavors, as it helps to bring success and abundance in that field. Peridot is also very powerful in dissolving energy blockages that may reside in your chakras and overall body.