Selenite Cone
Selenite Cone
Selenite Cone

Selenite Cone

Cleansing • Calming • Protection
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Measures approx. 5.5" tall • Weighs approx. 25.94 ounces
Measures approx. 8" tall • Weighs approx. 38.9 ounces

Infuse your home with a sense of peace and clarity as the new Selenite Cone illuminates your surroundings with its ethereal light. Its mesmerizing presence not only enhances the ambiance but also clears negative energy, creating a harmonious environment for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Harnessing the ancient healing properties of Selenite, this crystal serves as a powerful tool for spiritual growth and emotional well-being. Place a Selenite cone crystal in the 4 corners of your home to create a periphery of pure healing and protective light, and place one in your living room to foster a sense of calm during hectic days. We also love to adorn our bedrooms with Selenite cones to promote restful, restorative sleep and vivid dreams.

With its elegant design and transformative energy, the Selenite Cone Crystal is more than just a decorative piece – it's a beacon of light that infuses your living space with high vibrational peace, healing, and protective energy.

Selenite crystals are one of the most essential crystals that everyone should have in their home. The Selenite healing properties make it one of the very few minerals that has the ability to quickly unblock any stuck or stagnant energy to ensure a smooth flow of positive energy through your space. They are one of the most powerful crystals for energy clearing and energy cleansing, making them an essential tool for removing negative energy.

Selenite crystals help to clear, protect and shield your personal energy body, or the energy of your home. They help to shield you from outside influences—especially negative ones—which is why so many people use a Selenite when energetically gridding their home. Selenite removes any negative energy or influences, and also stop any harmful energies from permeating your body or home. Selenite crystals are the ideal crystal for all kinds of energy clearing, especially the home.

One of the Energy Muse co-founders, Heather Askinosie, likes to use her Selenite cones to clear the energy of her body and home daily. Simply hold it in your hand and "comb" it up and down around your body to unblock any stuck energy. This same action can be done throughout the home, especially the front door and living room. The Selenite meaning also makes it a simple and effective way to cleanse all the other crystals you have inside your home. Just lay your Energy Muse jewelry or gemstones near your Selenite healing cone crystal pieces to reactivate, recharge and cleanse them.

All Selenite crystal pieces are natural products from the Earth; because of this, each individual stone will be unique and vary slightly in color, size, and shape.

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