Tiger Iron Touchstone
Tiger Iron Touchstone
Tiger Iron Touchstone

Tiger Iron Touchstone

Concentration • Revitalization • Making Moves
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Shake off any stagnant energy that's settled into a clog and refresh your creativity with a burst of new energy when you carry your Tiger Iron Touchstone. This incredible fusion of Hematite, Red Jasper, and Tiger’s Eye result in an invigorating inner fire that’s grounded by a stability that keeps you on track.

Feel the grounding and stabilizing energy of Hematite as it anchors you to the present moment, promoting emotional balance and protection. Red Jasper, the stone of vibrancy and passion, infuses your spirit with vitality and motivation. Finally, Tiger’s Eye fills you with the courage, vitality and energy to allow your dreams to come to pass.

Hold this touchstone in your hand and experience a palpable sense of strength and resilience. Its unique blend of minerals harmoniously work together to balance your chakras, promote inner harmony, and awaken your inner warrior.

Measures approx. 2” • Weighs approx. 1.335 ounces

Instead of always feeling tapped, be the one to tap into Tiger Iron, and allow its energy to activate your solar plexus chakra. A stimulus from Tiger Iron to the solar plexus chakra will initiate a strong circulation of energy throughout the body and spirit. This is because the combination of crystals that tiger iron is composed of — Hematite, Jasper and Tiger’s Eye — are all, on their own, stones of courage and strength. The culmination of these crystals for power creates a force to be reckoned with. No longer needing to seek sanctuary at home, you can use your bolstered energy sources to enhance your life’s progress.

Tiger Iron increases concentration so that you can focus on the changes that you need to make. Use this touchstone to manifest simple solutions to problems by laying down in meditation with the Tiger Iron stone on your lower abdomen. The contemplation that the determined focus of Tiger Iron facilitates will help you to see situations from a greater and more realistic point of view. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, or just unable to motivate yourself, Tiger Iron is the perfect stone to get your creative gears moving again.

Whether you’re looking for better solutions, or wanting to break the curse of a lack of inspiration in your life, Tiger Iron will help you to shake off the stagnant energy that has settled into a clog, and refresh your creativity with a flourish of new energy. Known to highlight old talents and uncover new ones, a tiger iron touchstone is a must-have crystal for the altar of free-spirited artists who could use a little more focus.

Meditate with your Tiger Iron touchstone to enhance your motivation, creativity and willpower. Carry this touchstone in your purse or pocket so that you can connect with it when you need a boost of power.

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