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Rhodochrosite Heart
Self-Love • Heart Healing • Strengthens Relationships
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Rhodochrosite Mini Gemstone Bracelet
Self-Love • Compassion • Strengthening Relationships
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Rhodochrosite Stone
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Rhodochrosite Bracelet
Self-Love • Compassion • Strengthening Relationships
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Love Magnet Box
Get 6 Love Stones FREE ($45 Value)
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Rhodochrosite is a gemstone of emotional healing, self-love, compassion and love. It is one of the most powerful gemstones for emotional healing as it directs love towards the self. It helps you to release and recover from old emotional wounds that are creating energy blockages.

Rhodochrosite jewelry helps to heal the heart by forming a bridge between the lower and upper chakras to achieve overall balance. Wearing rhodochrosite bracelets and jewelry helps you to connect with the child within, bringing out your playful and joyful side. Its healing energies help you to unlock hidden and undiscovered talents and abilities, especially ones that have been blocked by old emotional baggage.

Rhodochrosite jewelry carries the energy of a courageous heart, encouraging you to take action and follow your heart’s desire without fear of the unknown. It encourages you to express love and affection, and helps you find the courage to chase after your dreams. Wear a rhodochrosite bracelet and rediscover the sacred practice of play, embracing your inner child. Leave your emotional traumas behind and move forward, following your heart. Let the rhodochrosite jewelry help you heal from past relationships and other emotional wounds so that you can become yourself again.